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I help my clients to rediscover their purpose & find direction in your life.

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"You helped me realize that we all have similar experiences and that everyone has fears and anxieties at some point as its part of our human experience"


I was once in your shoes.

I am a wildly curious, ocean loving, van living, fruit addicted intro-extrovert. You can usually find me at the beach , eating some tropical fruit, surfing, or reading any form of a heath book.

I am a certified holistic health coach with a bachelors degree in health promotion and a focus in psychology.

I have experience working with many different populations from childhood obesity prevention, to nutrition education for young moms, and corporate health for a law firm where I focused primary on stress reduction, weightless, and fitness. After learning the stories of many of my clients I began to see a common issue and that was stress.

Many of my clients were not only stressed but they were unhappy, they were experiencing unexplained gut issues and their lives were out of balance. That's when I began to see that health was so much deeper then just making a simple plan to help someone loose weight or offer some desk-excises for people sitting all day.

I realised then I wanted to help people not only feel better but heal at the root level and feel great for the long run and most importantly help them reconnect with their intuition which is often blocked in times of stress.

Most importantly I have found that health and happiness is unique for everyone and living on nearly every continent and immersed in many cultures, I am able to listen, relate, and help you create a lifestyle that is alignment with your unique culture and goals.

My combination of formal education, work experience , world travel, and personal health experiences have brought me where I am now and I look forward to helping you align your life and health as well.

My connection to the ocean

Growing up on a farm in rural Michigan I spent very little time at the ocean but always found myself drawn to it.

When I reached my state of burn out I began to have constant dreams about the ocean. To the point that I ended up buying a one way ticket to Bali where I had been taken often in my dreams and since then I’ve never spent more then a few weeks away from the ocean.

I know am fortunate enough to live on the beautiful coast in Australia and it continues to be one of my biggest healers and part of my daily self care.

From surfing to snorkelling to just jumping In for a swim I’ve found it to have the most instant effect on resetting my overall mental and physical state.

I truly believe our intuition will pull us on our path to healing when we allow ourselves to listen and take inspired action.

The greatest medicine of all is to teach  people how not to need it.

- Hippocrates

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