Stress and Unexplained Symptoms

8-12 Week Program - Length determined after application and consult review.

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"You helped me realize that we all have similar experiences and that everyone has fears and anxieties at some point as its part of our human experience"


Is this program right for you?

This program is the perfect reset for anyone experiencing chronic stress and as a result feeling fatigued, suffering ibs, and over all unexplained symptoms.

Together I will guide you on a path to not only feel better but create lasting change through a lifestyle reset.

Identify The Root Of Your Suffering

In this program I will use the medical medium information to help you identify the root of your suffering. Together I will guide and support you through the transition of making choices that promote healing verses making you sicker.

Purify Your Diet And Environment

We will identify the trouble making foods and environmental toxins that could be causing you harm. Helping you to overcome these issues through healing foods and natural remedies.

Guidance On A Path To Calm

Throughout this program I will also teach you techniques to promote a sense of calm and grounding as you embark on the journey.

How does this program work?

The goal of this program so help reset your body to healing mode and offer you the support and accountability as you make these lifestyle changes.

Initial 90 Minute Consult

We will go through a detailed health history form where I am able to learn more about your current symptoms and daily stress.

Weekly Online Consults

Twill be your time to share how the week went implementing changes and sharing what challenges came up.

Follow up Email Overview

Weekly email overview after each session including what to implement for each week.

Personalised Resources

Weekly Personalized pdf documents specific to your goals needs. (recipes, pantry swaps, etc.).

Monday to Friday
DM Support

Email and WhatsApp support throughout the week during set business hours.

Price on Request

Monthly payment options available.

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Tailored to you.

If you are currently under the care of a physician or navigating your way through the health system to find answers, this program can be done in addition to your traditional care. I am happy to work along with your physician and physician recommendations.

If you have had no luck finding answers through traditional medicine, I am happy to support you using the medical medium protocol which focuses on consuming a diet made up of primary fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Throughout my own healing journey using the protocols I have healed myself from acne, fatigue, anxiety, painful and irregular periods, and IBS symptoms.

In a world where we turn so frequently to pharmaceutical drugs to suppress symptoms which only provoke more, I am very passionate to share the healing powers of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.When we have our health, the world is ours.

Are you ready to start your journey?

The hardest step in any journey is often the first. To help you take that step, you can book a free clarity call with me today. In this call, you can see if we are a good fit and ask me any questions that you have.

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